Build your Portfolio


If you’re looking to build your portfolio you’ve come to the right place. We are always looking for new, young, and eager voices to add to our growing team. Write for us, take photos for us, attend events, and help us with branding and marketing, from anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re established in your field or not, though that would certainly help. College students who are English, photography, graphic design, and journalism majors are also our absolute favorite to work with.

In return, you can count on a great reference from us, and many exciting projects to add to your portfolio. With this, you can attract more clients in the lifestyle and entertainment industry, and bring in more money for yourself.

We also have a large network of artists who you may have the opportunity of doing paid work for, when possible. Many of these artists may need photographers, and journalists to attend and cover their events. They may also need shots for promotions and for their investors.

We are most interested in:
  • Lifestyle Bloggers (writers and editors)
  • Photographers
  • Events Goers (festivals, concerts etc.)
  • Activity Lovers (outdoors, gym, charity runs, extreme sports etc)
  • Marketing & Branding experts
  • PR Experts