Why Lady Gaga Replacing Beyoncé at Coachella is a Good Thing

After seeing Beyoncé’s baby bump at this year’s Grammys, I immediately thought to myself: 

I wonder when she’ll pull out of Coachella.

Fans who already bought their tickets to the famous festival were probably hoping to see an epic performance by a very pregnant Beyoncé in April.

But sure enough, it was announced in late February that she would be canceling her performance, following doctor’s orders.

Big Shoes to Fill

That left some pretty big shoes to fill for her replacement, and Coachella chose a good size. That said, Lady Gaga will be replacing Beyoncé at Coachella, and it’s a great choice.

Along with an updated Coachella performance list, Gaga confirmed the news, tweeting:

Why Gaga Will Crush it

First off, even if you’re not the biggest fan of her, Gaga is one of those pop stars that can put on an epic performance. So she definitely won’t disappoint. Her Super Bowl set proved those performance chops.

Secondly, Beyoncé needed to be replaced by a pop star, to keep the balance of genres. Other headliners include Radiohead, a rock band; and Kendrick Lamar, both a pop star and rapper.

However, they also need someone who could live up to her high energy. If they chose someone like Adele, though vocally strong, Adele’s songs consist of slow ballads. Thus, it wouldn’t make sense to add her. Even though she is a mega star, she just isn’t the right fit, in my opinion.

Another reason it’s so great Gaga is replacing Beyoncé is that Bey was set to be the first female headliner in ten years. With Gaga replacing her, a woman is still going to be a top headliner, which is great.

So don’t hate on Lady Gaga or Beyoncé. Gaga will put on a great show, and Beyoncé will have some much need relaxation time, while awaiting those twins.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Wikipedia


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