Myesha Evon – Daddy’s Fashionista

Most women thank their mothers or an older sister for heightening their sense of fashion, but Myesha’s story is a little different. She learned the ropes under the care of a more unlikely teacher; she learned from her father.

As a musician, her father’s love for shoes, and his focus on how he looked on stage, helped him learn the ins and outs of fashion and style. He learned to look great, shop smart, and stay youthful. And over the years, he passed that knowledge on to his daughter.

Paving the Way for her Career

Meanwhile, Myesha’s love and talent for photography caught the eye of a teacher, who mentored her, and helped pave the way for her as an artist.

It’s been six years since Myesha merged her love for fashion with her eye for photography. Her portfolio ranges from shoots with professional models, to photos of well-dressed ladies and gents she meets on the streets of New York City.

Jordun Love at #NYFWM July 2016 By: Myesha Evon #myeshaevon

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Audrey, 2015. #myeshaevon

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Outtake from beauty editorial with Audrey #myeshaevon Makeup & Hair: @elyssamarieee Styling & Photography: @myeshaevon

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Suzi Analogue x Fearless Leon #myeshaevon

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While traveling through Europe for five months, Myesha ventured even more into street photography, as she captured beautiful landscapes, and the everyday lives of people in different cultures. She hopes to compile her adventures into a photo book in the near future.

A small, twisted, confusing but very beautiful town in Venice.

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Ciao! 🇮🇹

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Still Daddy’s Fashionista

Behind the scenes, she is still very much a fashionista herself, describing her look as an eclectic mix which is greatly intertwined with her mood, her hair, and an insane love for heels.



“I do appreciate fashion myself,” she shares. “And I think that gives me a perspective on what to look for when I photograph people.”

When asked what advice she would give to newcomers in fashion, Myesha emphasizes the importance of a mentor, and building up references.

“Stand firm in whatever you love. Stand firm in whatever you’re passionate about,” she adds. “Do whatever your passion is, and whatever you enjoy.”

Myesha is currently working on a bachelor’s in design, and hopes to pursue her master’s in business management. She also looks forward to more travels, and many more opportunities to take great pictures of amazing people around the world.

All photographs used are property of Myesha Evon at Evon Photography.

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  1. Verona Gardner says:

    Great article! My granddaughter is very talented and truly following her dreams! And I’m proud of her and her father!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Verona! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. It was a pleasure interviewing her. We love to see people living out their dreams!


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