10 Reasons Living Alone is Awesome

We got an honorable mention on College Mate. Thanks guys!


Though many students dream of having their own place, the fact remains that just as many are terrified of the actual prospect of living alone.

Without a roommate, you become solely responsible for bills and chores. Not to mention there’s no one at home to talk to. What if you get lonely? And what if there’s an emergency? Will you be able to handle it on your own?

Yet, living alone is one of the most amazing adult experiences, and one you should all try at least once, in order to develop true independence, self-reliance, and a sense of accountability.

But for all this, are there any other benefits of living alone? Yes, there are. Check out College Mate’s ten reasons we think living alone is pretty damn awesome.

1. Peace and Peace of Mind

If you’ve seen our Ten College Roommates from the Depths of Hell (or lived with any of them)…

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