Kanye Weighs in on Apple vs Tidal ‘Beef’

When Kanye tweets it makes headlines, and this time was no different. Husband of reality TV star Kim Kardashian West, Kanye has managed to rack up less than 1000 tweets after being on Twitter for half a decade. Yet every time that counter goes up a few tweets more, the media has no choice but to pay attention.

So what did the notorious rapper get on about on Twitter this time? Some beef between Apple and Tidal that we weren’t even sure existed.

Rumors of Acquisition 

In late June, rumors surfaced that Apple was negotiating with rapper Jay Z, to buy his premium music streaming service, Tidal. However, neither of the companies confirmed the reports.

In fact, at the time, a Tidal representative denied any such negotiation had taken or was taking place, while Apple declined to comment.

Kanye may have just let the cat out of the bag today though, after launching a Twitter rant stating that Apple should take the opportunity, and stop trying to play hard ball.

As of yet, it’s not really clear what’s going on with the alleged negotiations between the business moguls and their companies, but if Kanye has the right of it, negotiations aren’t quite going as planned.

The Tidal Investment 

Jay Z bought Tidal in 2015 for $56 million from a Swedish company. Since then, he has given several musicians stakes in the music streaming platform, while ensuring Tidal provides only premium content to paid subscribers – which total around 4.2 million users.

The platform does not provide free content, and releases exclusive music from artists like Beyonce, Prince, and Kanye himself.

The Obvious Allure

With ties to A-list celebrities like these, it’s no wonder Apple would be interested in buying the company to give it a one-up in its ongoing competition with Spotify and Pandora.

Thus, though not particularly known for his wisdom, Kanye may have very well delivered some sage advice to Apple this time around.

The tech-company – famous for haggling and talking down prices during takeovers – might do well to make a deal before Jay Z decides to keep his exclusive content and his A-list alliances to himself.

What do you guys think of this ‘beef’ between business moguls? Sound off in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: Rodrigo Ferrari


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I think Apple should buy Tidal. Apple is the biggest music streaming service in the world, and don’t get me wrong, Tidal is great. But, I think the music streaming services should be all under one umbrella. This competitiveness is driving a wedge for listeners, forcing them to choose between services. It stresses me out sometimes because all I want is to listen to music, not go through a bunch of apps just to find the latest track by Kayne West.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Competition is always great for business. It helps to keep quality high and cost low.

      However, I do agree they should buy Tidal, if even just to remove the whole exclusive feature where Tidal has the rights to particular artists and you must pay for the service to stream them.

      Apple will definitely gain from the arrangement, and since Jay Z has had some issues running the company, it might be great to get it off his hands.

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