John Legend Calls Donald Trump ‘one of the Most Rancid Public Figures’

Like many other artists and big names in Hollywood, John Legend has not been quiet about politics in America and the upcoming elections.

In fact, the singer-songwriter just lent his voice on social media to describe Donald Trump as ‘a terrible person’ and ‘one of the most rancid public figures’ he’s ever seen.

The musician then wrapped up his rant with an assurance that his vote would go to Hillary this year.

The Tweets

Not Alone

But John Legend isn’t the only celebrity that has spoken out against the republican candidate amidst allegations of racism and general prejudice.

Other A-listers from all around the world have also expressed their dislike for Donald Trump; including George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Brown, Stephen King, Samuel Jackson, Muhammad Ali, T.I., and even J.K. Rowling.

Trump has also built up a lot of bad blood with immigrants following disparaging remarks against Mexicans, Muslims and the immigrant community at large.

And yet…

Nevertheless, the billionaire and his supporters, continue to show resilience. He somehow manages to get away with even the messiest PR blunders; and walks away from the worst attacks against his character and that of his family’s, unscathed.

Thus making this year’s U.S. elections about as interesting and drama-filled as any reality TV show that has ever graced our television screens. And perhaps – just as unpredictable.

What do you guys think of John Legend’s decision to get involved in the political crossfire as a musician? Sound off in the comments below.

Featured Image Credit: PopTech


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