The Truth about Life after Graduation

College is filled with great experiences that prepare us for the real world of work. However, few colleges prepare you for the time which follows graduation, but comes before the great job and string of successes.

Here is the truth about life after graduation, and what you can do to make the absolute best of it.


Most of us have high expectations for life after college – and that’s a good thing. A great thing, even. We picture ourselves landing an amazing job, making good money, buying our first home, and even marrying our college sweetheart. We’ll finally have time for travelling, attending festivals, and hitting up the gym. The life we always dreamed of is right around the bend…

But the truth is, while many college graduates do create this happy ending for themselves, few achieve this right after graduating. The lost obligations of school should free up your schedule for focusing on the things you want to do, but often work and family obligations move in to replace them.

While we’re happy you made it this far and can’t wait to share in all your journeys, we also want to prepare you for the real  world. That being said, here are five possible situations you might find yourself…

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