7 Tips for Balancing Work & School

As kids, most of us dreamed of graduating high school, going to college, and then getting a job. However, in today’s rapidly changing world, we often have to balance work and school together to make ends meet.

Here are seven tips to help the working college student keep it together.


College is hard work, as is work itself. And when you combine the two, it can be brutal. Often times, managers give little consideration to the fact that you have homework due tomorrow morning, or a test next week. They expect you to work the same hours, get the same amount of work done, and might even be reluctant to give you time off to sit your exam.

Not surprisingly, most people will warn you against trying to balance work and school at the same time. But for many college-goers, there’s simply no other option available. College might mean the difference between a job and a career later, but for right now, there are bills to pay.

So what can you do to make it easier?

Set Aside Time for Schoolwork

In college, I mostly freelanced or worked on pet-projects. However, while working full-time in payroll I enrolled in a course to become…

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