5 Roles of a Good Passenger on a Great Roadtrip

When many of us think of traveling, we think of hopping on a plane and landing somewhere else halfway around the world. But traveling happens domestically too.

Roadtrips are a great way to spend at least a part of the summer, and a great way to bond with family and friends… or just your dog. But if you’re bringing a human companion along on the road, here are five roles they should be prepared to meet to make your trip a fun and easy one.


Summer is finally here! It’s time to bring out the swimsuits, passports, video games, and camping gear. And for millions of college students around the world, it’s time to prepare for your summer road-trip.

Whether you have a long drive back home with a car full of clothes and books, or you plan to do some domestic traveling with friends – a road-trip can be a great experience with the right company. In fact, one of the best indicators of how well your road-trip will go is who you’ve got with you in the passenger seat.

A good road road-trip requires a responsible driver, but a great trip also calls for a passenger who understands the importance of teamwork when you hit the road. So here are the five roles of a good passenger on a great road-trip!


Before the dawn of GPS, road-trippers needed companionship more than ever. They needed…

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