5 Great Things you Can only Enjoy in Jamaica

Alexis Chateau shares 5 amazing things you can only enjoy when in Jamaica. Makes us want to visit for sure.

Alexis Chateau

This summer will make it one year since I’ve been away from my tiny island – the longest I’ve ever spent away in my entire life. In that time, I’ve come to realise that Jamaica might not be the land of opportunity for all, but there are still many unbeatable experiences to be had.

As a tropical island, Jamaica shares many other characteristics with islands nearby – and even islands halfway around the world. The beaches are great, the food is delicious, the climate is warm, and the people are friendly. However, like any other country, there are some things Jamaica does better than anyone else.

So here are five great things you can only enjoy in Jamaica – whether you’re a national, an expat, or just visiting for the first time.

Jerk Chicken on the Roadside

Ask any Jamaican what they miss about home, and this will likely make the…

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