5 Great Benefits from Working in the Summer

If you’re a college student who’s thinking of working in the summer, you won’t regret it. Check out 5 great benefits from holding down a job for the summer break.


After three semesters of sitting in a classroom, buckling down behind another desk for work is often the last way you want to spend the summer. However, as the cost of living and the cost of a college education continue to rise, for many college students there is simply no better option.

Working during the summer semester prepares you financially for the coming academic year. It also preps you for work in the real world, when you graduate. Still not convinced? Here are five ways sucking it up and working in the summer can benefit you in the long run.

Builds Experience

Even with a college degree, one of the biggest obstacles to landing your dream job is experience. Some jobs require as much as ten to twenty years of experience in the field to be even worthy of consideration. Even lower positions or smaller companies often require at least some

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