4 Tips To Help You Travel In Spite of Student Loans

With student loans to pay off, many college students and graduates hold off on travel to ensure they make their payments. However, what’s the point of sacrificing to go to college, to then miss out on all life has to offer?

In this article, College Mate writer, Taylor, shares how he travels while paying off student loans so you can do it too!


How many of you believe it’s just too expensive to travel while still in college?

I bet a large majority of you would raise your hands. This widespread agreement is likely due to many current (and past) college students suffering from financially-crippling amounts of student loan debt.

This results from the way we look at debt. If we choose to let it take over, it will. But there are ways to learn to live with it, while still enjoying life – as it should be enjoyed in our younger years.

As Adrian Harper, a recent college graduate and young business owner, stated in this interview:

I needed to manage my life the way I managed my business…If I could save a dollar here and a dollar there for my company, I should also do that for myself.

These words are inspiring for any recent college graduate, and this same mindset can be applied when travelling…

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